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The Cavestompers! – группа собралась под занавес 2006 года, на почве общей любви участников к примитивному гаражному панку/року/биту 60х попутно приправив свою музыку всевозможной психоделией, ритм'н'блюзом и прочими производными. Начав с каверов и наглых заимствований, Cavestompers! довольно быстро перешли к исполнению оригинального материала, замешанного на звучании витнажных инструментов и оборудования из СССР и соцстран. Дискография коллектива насчитывает три демо записи, последнюю из которых свела ГрОб студия в лице Е.Летова и Н.Чумаковой и дебютный альбом, вышедший на виниле на португальском лейбле Groovie Records и на CD в России(Noizer/Plastic Cave Records).
Демо-запись как и альбом, к настоящему моменту обросли целым ворохом всевозможных рецензий и отзывов со всех точек света. Музыка The Cavestompers! звучала и звучит из радиоприемников и подкастов в Европе и США, сюжеты о группе можно было наблюдать по отечественному ТВ.
The Cavestompers! на данный момент появлялась на сцене чуть менее 100 раз в совершенно разных, порой диких местах, странах и городах. Регулярные выступления в большинстве столичных клубов сменялись неоднократными выездами в Спб, Уфу, Пермь, Тольятти, Самару, Екатеринбург, Петрозаводск, Смоленск, Кронштадт. Летом 2009 после двух туров по России группа отправилась в турне в поддержку альбома по Европе, дав 15 концертов в Германии, Австрии, Голландии, Франции. Пятерка русских адептов гаража в итоге умудрилась помимо достойных сольных концертов, поиграть на одних сценах с Billy Childish, Los Peyotes, Staggers, Masonics, Fleshtones, The Urges, Satelliters и многими другими единомышленниками, принять участие в легендарном международном гаражном фестивале Primitive в Роттердаме. The Cavestompers! также ответственны за проведение вороха фестивалей, вечеринок и оллнайтеров (Garage Gathering, Proof Of Fuzz, Plastic Cave Distro/Records), букинг отечественных групп, информирование и прочую деятельность, основной целью которой является поддержка и консолидация поднимающей голову местной гаражной сцены.
Музыканты The Cavestompers! также принимали или принимают участие в таких явлениях как The Crushers, The Zebra, Thunderbeats, Руки На Одеяло.

The Cavestompers! - a band from Moscow, Russia confessing savage garage-punk, from mid-sixties and primitive beat sound, filled with psychedelic guitar and organ passages. The whole idea behind The Cavestompers! was simply to play together some favorite songs from 1960s, have fun and if everything goes right walk further and create original material with authentic garage punk sound, feel, attitude and spirit. Formed in fall 2006 for the past two years the band played almost 100 gigs all around the country and in Europe, released 3 demo-tapes (one of these mixed by E.Letov), plenty of bootlegs and finally made it to the studio, recording their debut LP “Introducing The Cavestompers!”(recorded in 110% analog beauty on 2” tape and then copied directly on vinyl platter with no digital signals and gear used at all). The sound experiments of the band gradually led to birth of their own specific sound based on heavy usage of east-bloc and soviet equipment & instruments, which can be described as a slightly delayed answer to sixties garage music coming from an Iron Curtain. Original material now prevails in The Cavestompers! average concert set-list, but there is always space for some weird covers of lost garage, beat, soviet, punk treasures and finds.
It happened so that at the time The Cavestompers! started there was not much of a scene around and naturally the band went into developing and then supporting it. That included hosting “Garage Gathering” festival, “Proof Of Fuzz” parties, numerous allnighters and concerts which made it possible for like-minded freaks from all over Russia to express themselves in front of emerging audience. Now one can call The Cavestompers! not only a band but a rather big commune of enthusiasts (photographers, publicists, dj’s, go-go dancers, artists, guys from psychedelic lightshow) all responsible for some sort of garage “boom” and breakage of ice here and there. Recently the band started Plastic Cave Records/Distro which for now is dealing with distribution of russian garage music, the only available release being The Cavestompers! debut on CD, but hopefully there will be some new arrivals soon.
Meanwhile The Cavestompers! music was featured 20 some thematic radio-shows, college radios and podcasts from all over the world (USA, Germany, Spain, Canada, France, Greece, Austria, Netherlands). The bands debut album made it to number one position in Whole Lotta Shakin Radio Show (Rochester,NY) chart in October 2009 and was chosen release of the month by Stoned Circus radio-show(Rennes, France) in march 2009.
Good reviews on the material surprisingly came from founding fathers such as Electric Prunes and GONN! and their descendents The Cynics, The Thanes, Robert Gordon, legendary PUNK! magazine and a bunch of other outsiders from all over the world. Shindig mag (UK) wrote about the band and next issue of Misty Lane fanzine(Italy) will feature a big interview with The Cavestompers! plus a song on supplied CD. Other mentions and reviews were featured in Rumore magazine(Italy), Fuzzoverdose(web-zine Greece), rockaroundtheblog.com, Kick Out The Jams(Spanish Fanzine), www.ipunkrock.net(Spain), Kommersant, Play, TimeOut, Rolling Stone, Rovesnik, Zvuki.ru(all from Russia). There were also about 4 brief appearances on local TV.
In January 2009 the band’s own label Plastic Cave Records(toghether with russian indie-label Noizer) pressed a CD-version of debut LP, originaly released by Groovie Records (Portugal) with different artwork and bonus tracks and made a 6 cities support tour (Volga Region, North-West, Ural). In summer 2009 The Cavestompers! made their first European Tour supporting the debut release. It was self-organized and included 15 gigs (Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany). During the tour the band opened for Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians of British Empire at Primitive Festival(Rotterdam,NL) the bill also featured Fleshtones, Urges, Masonics. The Cavestompers! also shared the stage with Los Peyotes in Vienna and participated in Wild Evel birthday trash in Austria with Staggers, Satelliters, Way y Los Arrrghs. The debut release is now avaliable to purchase almost worldwide on vinyl and cd, check our blog for details http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=131576211&blogId=479735229

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